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Is your child interested in the stock market?

  • Does he/she enjoy  watching Shark Tank or other money related shows?
  • Does he/she have a custodial account?
  • Can your child benefit from learning valuable life and money skills?
  • Is your child looking for interesting extracurriculars to enhance their College Application? i
  • Is you interested in a career on Wall Street?

If the is yes to any of the above, Wall Street 101 is the perfect program for your teen!  Enroll NOW!

1 Week

Wall Street 101 

Explore how Wall Street works, who the players are, and the basics of stocks and bonds.



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2 Week

Wall Street 101, Investing and Trading

Learn the best investment strategies to help you grow your money and how to do analysis to find these investments
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1 Week


Focus on evolving technologies, jobs and digital currencies as they relate to Wall Street and investing. 



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1 Week

Budgeting and Beyond

Learn how to create and manage a budget, avoid financial pitfalls, and handle other real-world money matters.


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The details:

  • Class at 10am EST and 1pm EST / 10am PST
  • 2 hours daily
  • NO homework
  • Classes hands-on, interactive and fun

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Wall Street 101
Investing & Trading
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Wall Street 101
Investing & Trading
Budgeting & Beyond
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Our programs ARE NOT

only for Students with an Interest in Finance

  Life Skills

We strive to empower students with real-world knowledge about money and investing. We teach students how to create a budget, understand interest rates, use credit cards wisely, manage a 401K and more. These are valuable skills students will need in college, in their careers, and in life

Teach Me Wall Street programs cover topics that all students need, but are not always taught in school.


Wall Street Careers

 When you think about careers on Wall Street, what usually comes to mind are Brokers, Traders, Investment Bankers, and other jobs typically filled by those with degrees in Finance and Economics. These are traditional Wall Street careers, but there are many other jobs in the finance industry for Lawyers, and more recently, for those with STEM backgrounds.

Law Interest

Every financial service company employs lawyers. They have expertise in laws that pertain to antitrust, trade, securities and financial services. Government agencies such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission make sure that Wall Street trading and other activities are in compliance with current regulations and laws.  Read more about Wall Street law careers

STEM Interest

STEM professionals have become increasingly important to the financial services industry as well - Technology continues to innovate the way the industry operates. There is an advance in quantitative trading, and Wall Street companies are now hiring Quantitative Analysts, Data Scientists, and Machine Learning Experts who can understand the algorithms at work on the trading floor. Those with backgrounds in Math, Physics and Engineering are in high demand to build and refine computer programs, and fix glitches.  Read more ....

What to Expect from Our Bootcamps

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Meet the Teacher

Annaline Dinkelmann


Over the past 15 years, I’ve shared my knowledge and passion for finance with thousands of students in workshops, at conferences, on tours, and in my virtual classroom.

I’ve successfully translated and navigated the world of finance for students in programs offered through my top-rated Wall Street walking tour / education company WALL STREET WALKS, and since 2020, have been teaching students to be “money smart” online in my unique TEACH ME WALL STREET boot-camps.

Prior to becoming an educator and entrepreneur, I spent 10 years working in the Banking and Compliance departments of Morgan Stanley and worked 2 years independently as a day trader.

My programs have been featured on CNN International and in The Daily Telegraph, Newsday and USA Today.

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