2 Week Virtual

Wall Street 101, Investing & Trading

For students in Grades 9 - 12


Give your child something they can use the rest of their life! 


get a good extracurricular activity for future a College Application 

Boot Camp runs twice a day
10am EST and 1pm EST
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Does your child?

  • Follow the stock market?

  • Talk to you or others about stocks daily?

  • Does he/she watch Jim Cramer or any of the money shows?

  • Does he/she have a custodial account?


Then this class is for them!


*Investing & Trading builds on lessons taught in Wall Street 101, a prerequisite taught week 1.


Investing Summer Bootcamp starts on 13th June 2022









What' will you learn with the 2-Week

Investing & Trading Boot Camp?

Week 1

Wall Street 101

Understand how Wall Street and the stock market work and how it affects you

Explore Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment tools

Learn about booms and busts over the past decades

Week 2


Technical Analysis vs. Fundamental Analysis

Pick stocks and simulate trading in real-time

Learn to manage your portfolio

Investing Summer Boot Camp

Classes are Monday -  Friday, 2 hours a day

Classes run twice daily and are perfect for our East and West Coast students

Students can alternate between morning or afternoon sessions

The cost is $850 for the 2-week program.

 If you need to split up any of the below 2 week packages, please sign-up and email us to which week you need to change.

June 13 - 24
10am - 12pm EST
June 13 - 24
1pm - 3pm EST
July 5 - 15 - 11 seats left
10am -12pm EST
July 5 - 15 - 14 seats left
1pm - 3pm EST
August 1 - 12
10am - 12pm EST
August 1 - 12
1pm - 3pm EST

Sibling Discounts

We provide a 10% off the list price for BOTH siblings who enroll.


Enroll BOTH Siblings for 10% off

Interested in more than one class?

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3 Week Boot Camp
4 Week Boot Camp

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Meet the Teacher

Hi, I’m Annaline Dinkelmann

I worked in IT and spent 10 years on Wall Street working with the Investment Banking and Compliance Departments.  I left Wall Street and spent 2 years as a full time day trader.   

I started teaching educational workshops and have spoken at many New Jersey Educational Association (NJEA), Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) conferences, as well as hosted many educational workshops.  I was also featured by CNN International in 2015.

I can successfully translate the world of finance to the layman and break it down for students.

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