2 Week

Wall Street 101, 

Investing & Trading

Grades 9 - 12


Give your child 

the skills and knowledge necessary 

to wisely grow their money!

Something they can 

use the rest of their life!


June 12 - 23
July 3 - 14
Jul 31 - Aug 11

SAVE $100

Early Bird Pricing until February 20

Does your child?

  • Follow the stock market?
  • Talk to you or others about stocks daily?
  • Does he/she watch Jim Cramer or any of the money shows?
  • Does he/she have a custodial account?

If the is yes to any of the above, this is the perfect program for your teen!  Enroll NOW!

We've taught thousands of students.  We know how to make Wall Street interesting and online learning fun!

Investing & Trading is a 2-week program. It includes and builds on lessons taught in Wall Street 101

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What does the Boot Camp Include?

Dynamic Interactive Instruction

  • Unique hands-on activities that engage and educate
  • Wall Street explained in a language that teens understand
  • Expert guidance and mentoring
  • Lively discussion and peer-to-peer interaction

Daily Online Sessions

  • Boot-camps are offered LIVE at various times throughout the day
  • Students in different time zones and with busy schedules can participate
  • Students may alternate between offered session times to accommodate their scheduling needs

Parent Discussion Guide

  • Talking points that focus on boot-camp lessons
  • Tips to encourage full family learning



Students receive a resume enhancing certificate upon successful completion of each boot-camp

SAVE $100

Early Bird Pricing until February 20

What will you learn with the 2-Week

Investing & Trading Boot Camp?

Week 1

Wall Street 101

Understand how Wall Street and the stock market work and how it affects you

Explore Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment tools

Learn about booms and busts over the past decades

Week 2


Technical Analysis vs. Fundamental Analysis

Pick stocks and do live simulated trading in real-time

Learn to manage your portfolio

Graduates of the Summer Investing class will be

invited to join our ongoing Student Stock Market Club,

exclusive for graduates of our programs

Wall Street 101, Investing & Trading

Summer Boot Camp


Monday - Friday, 2 hours a day @ 10am and 1pm / 10am PST.

Perfect for our East and West Coast students

Students can alternate their morning or afternoon sessions

June 12 - 23
10am - 12pm EST
June 12 - 23
1pm-3pm EST
** July 3 - 14
10am - 12pm EST
** July 3 - 14
1pm - 3pm EST
July 31 - Aug 11
10am - 12pm EST
July 31 - Aug 11
1pm - 3pm EST
Asia Friendly Hours: July 3 - 14
6am - 8am EST

YES, there is class on July 4th

 ** July 3-7 session meet 4 days only – NO class on July 4.   July 7 will be 20 minutes longer.  Students will complete 3 (20min) independent study activities after each class.

Sibling Discounts

We provide a 10% off the list price for BOTH siblings who enroll.


Enroll BOTH Siblings for 10% off

Interested in more than one class?

Learn more about our different options

3 Week Boot Camp
4 Week Boot Camp

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Meet the Teacher

Over the past 15 years, I’ve shared my knowledge and passion for finance with thousands of students in workshops, at conferences, on tours, and in my virtual classroom.

I’ve successfully translated and navigated the world of finance for students in programs offered through my top-rated Wall Street walking tour / education company WALL STREET WALKS, and since 2020, have been teaching students to be “money smart” online in my unique TEACH ME WALL STREET boot-camps.

Prior to becoming an educator and entrepreneur, I spent 10 years working in the Banking and Compliance departments of Morgan Stanley and worked 2 years independently as a day trader.

My programs have been featured on CNN International and in The Daily Telegraph, Newsday and USA Today.

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