Budgeting & Beyond

Learn how to manage your money and plan for real-life scenarios


June 5 - 8
July 24 - 28

Who is this for?

  • Kids who are planning for college and future careers.
  • Kids who wish to learn if their potential career choices will match the salary and lifestyle they desire.
  • Kids who are saving for cars /vacations or wish to attend college debt free.
  • Kids who want or need to learn how to use credit cards responsibly.
  • Kids who are always asking parents for money without realizing its value.
  • All kids who spend money.
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What does the Boot Camp Include?

Dynamic Interactive Instruction

  • Unique hands-on activities that engage and educate
  • Wall Street explained in a language that teens understand
  • Expert guidance and mentoring
  • Lively discussion and peer-to-peer interaction

Daily Online Sessions

  • Boot-camps are offered LIVE at various times throughout the day
  • Students in different time zones and with busy schedules can participate
  • Students may alternate between offered session times to accommodate their scheduling needs

Parents Discussion Guide

  • Talking points that focus on boot-camp lessons
  • Tips to encourage full family learning
  • Students receive a resume enhancing certificate upon successful completion of each boot-camp


Budgeting & Beyond Summer Boot Camp

Monday - Friday, 2 hours a day @ 10am & 1pm EST / 10am PST
Perfect for East and West Coast students
Students can alternate their morning or afternoon sessions

Budgeting & Beyond
June 5 - 9
10am - 12pm EST
Budgeting & Beyond
June 5 - 9
1pm - 3pm EST
Budgeting & Beyond
July 24-28
10am - 12pm EST
Budgeting & Beyond
July 24-28
1pm - 3pm EST

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