Emerging Legal Careers on

Wall Street

There has always been a wide range of legal careers on Wall Street. Traditionally, Wall Street lawyers have had expertise in laws that pertain to antitrust, trade, securities, taxes, venture capital, and financial services.

Jobs in these areas still exist, but many are changing to accommodate all the technological advances that are transforming the industry – and there are many new career opportunities for law-school graduates who are tech-savvy and have expertise in new data-protection laws.

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Areas in which lawyers work



Cyber-security and privacy issues are rising for businesses, banks, government agencies and individuals. The transfer of information over the internet makes it easy for people with bad intentions to commit crimes by seizing information and money that does not belong to them.

Cyber-security lawyers can help companies handle vulnerabilities, respond to security breaches, customer concerns, and work with regulators to ensure that security features are in place to keep online data safe.


Financial businesses have a lot of very sensitive material that needs to be protected from potential hackers. Lawyers with tech knowledge are often hired to assess risks, secure the proper insurance, and advise companies what security measures need to be in place to protect their internal systems.


In this new economy, a growing number of lawyers are needed to help clients understand crypto currency, NFTs and the blockchain.

They must be tech savvy and well versed in related policy and regulatory issues so they can best advise their clients on matters revolving around token and coin exchange, mining, compliance, licensing, fraud, forensic investigation, etc.

These lawyers can help businesses and individuals see the benefits of investing in digital assets as well as the potential risks.


The financial industry has many unique requirements and restrictions. Compliance lawyers make sure that companies and employees are following industry standards and state and federal laws when it comes to trading and other Wall Street activities.

The Dodd-Frank Act, passed in 2010 in response to the financial crisis, has many new requirements that involve technology. Law school graduates that enter this field now are an advantage if they have a technology background.

Tech skills are also useful for lawyers who deal with compliance issues connected to the blockchain. They often use software to track adherence to supply chain regulations and regulations in other evolving areas.

Positions on Wall Street are highly competitive and applicants with legal backgrounds must also have a clear understanding of business and finance to be considered for traditional and “emerging” jobs. Teach me Wall Street lays down the groundwork for students, with law interests, in the areas of business and finance. We help students understand how Wall Street works and teach valuable life skills. Our programs help develop interests and insight about career options and introduce pathways to independence and success!

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