Equipping College Students with Real World Financial Knowledge for Life after University

A disparity often exists between the knowledge and skills acquired in a university setting and the practical demands and challenges faced in the real world after graduation. Especially when it comes to financial literacy.

While a college education is valuable in many ways, it doesn't always include comprehensive education on financial literacy, leaving graduates ill-equipped to manage their finances, handle student loans, and plan for their financial future effectively.

This can lead to various negative consequences, such as falling into debt traps, being unprepared for emergencies, making poor investment choices, and being vulnerable to financial scams. Without financial literacy, college graduates may struggle to manage their finances effectively, leading to stress, limited financial opportunities, and delayed progress towards their life goals.

In fact, the sooner young adults get a grasp of financial literacy, the more it stands to benefit them in the long run....

Wall Street 101 for College students

provide classes for college-age students, with the aim of supplying the next generation with the tools they need for financial success

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Budgeting & Beyond for College students

Our virtual programs are engaging and interactive, rooted in modern, practical information that doesn’t just come out of a textbook.

From financial technology to jobs in the industry, trading basics to the principles of currency exchange.

Teach Me Wall Street is fun and informative, and tackles the financial topics young adults need to understand so they can make informed decisions with their money.

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The lessons that aren't taught in university ...


Through the power of compounding interest and long-term growth, getting your college students started down the path of Wall Street expertise while they’re still in school can have major positive benefits for their adult lives. 

These lessons aren’t taught in college, but are critical for real-life success beyond university!

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