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Finance Summer Boot Camps

Middle School Level

Perfect for students interested in

Wall Street, the Stock Market and Money 

Grades 6 - 8 - Wall Street 101 + Personal Finance

We Teach Students REAL-WORLD Skills so They Can Invest Wisely and Grow Up Money Savvy!

Who is this for?

  • Kids interested in the stock market.
  • Kids who are hungry to learn about money & business.
  • Kids who want to learn about trading and making money.
  • Kids who want to grow their money.
  • Kids who want to become more finance savvy.
  • Kids who want a fun summer camp experience!
  • Parents who would like their kids better equipped for life.

Each boot camp day is filled with

hands-on activities, peer-to-peer engagement, games with prizes, information and history presented in an interesting, relatable way.

Live instruction is offered by seasoned professionals with real Wall Street backgrounds!

1 Week Boot-Camps

Classes at 10am and 1pm.   Students can alternate their morning or afternoon sessions 

Perfect for students interested in Wall Street, Money and Business

Wall Street 101 Middle School

Have fun while exploring how Wall Street works, who the players are, and the basics of stocks, bonds and investing.

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Personal Finance

We’ll put students in the financial driver’s seat with engaging lessons and hands-on activities that teach students how to prepare for real-life money situations. 

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What to expect from the

Summer Boot Camps

Summer Boot Camp Experience Info

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