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Wall Street 101 Boot Camp for Adults


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Wall Street 101
Winter Boot-Camp
Grades 9-12

Dec 19 - 23 & Dec 27 - 30

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Summer Finance
for Grades 9-12 


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Wall Street 101- Winter Boot-Camp (Grades 9-12)

The week before & after Christmas

December 19 - 23 & Dec 27 - 30

This is a foundational boot-camp for beginning investors. It covers:

HOW THE STOCK MARKET WORKS - Who the players are and how a company gets listed on the stock exchange
THINGS YOU CAN INVEST IN - Stocks, bonds, mutual funds and commodities
ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE - Regulators, the Federal Reserve Bank, and others
BOOMS and BUSTS – Why crashes occur and what causes the stock market to go up and down
YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED - Wall Street jobs, education options, and ways to build connections to prepare for a future in finance.


Wall Street 101- Boot-Camp for Adults

This five part (5) part workshop will teach you all about Wall Street and show you how to confidently analyze stocks and grow your money. Topics include:

Getting to Know Wall Street – Learn how Wall Street works and who the players are.

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and More – Understand the different types of securities out there, and what what kind of risks and rewards can be expected when investing in each.

Methods for Reading the Market- Learn how to read stock charts and analyze the data to help make educated investment decisions.

Best Ways to Manage and Invest Your Money – Explore investment options for specific goals

Common Mistakes - Find out how to avoid schemes, scammers, and making mistakes like selling stock too early or too late.

Managing Your Portfolio, Taxes and Fees – Explore ways to build a diverse portfolio and understand how associated fees and taxes can impact your returns.


Summer Programs for High School Students (Grades 9-12)

For High School students, we offer four different programs:

Wall Street 101 - Explore how Wall Street works, who the players are, and the basics of stocks and bonds.

Investing and Trading - Learn the best investment strategies to help you grow your money and how to do analysis to find these investments.

Cryptocurrencies - Focus on evolving technologies, jobs and digital currencies as they relate to Wall Street and investing.

Budgeting and Beyond - Learn how to create and manage a budget, avoid financial pitfalls, and handle other real-world money matters.


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1 week Boot Camp

Wall Street 101

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2 week Boot Camp

Wall Street 101 + Investing & Trading

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Meet the teacher

Hi, I’m Annaline Dinkelmann!

Twelve years ago, I left my Wall Street job and became a day trader. Then, in January 2008, I turned my passion for the stock market and business into a successful Wall Street walking tour business.

People love getting a tour guide who has a background in the finance industry. Why? Well, because I’m able to successfully navigate the complicated world of finance and translate it in a way that students, parents and teachers understand.

Due to COVID-19, many people stopped travelling to New York. So, at that time, I decided to take all my in-person classes, workshops and tours you can now gain the same financial knowledge from the comfort of your home. 

I invite you to join me live for one of our virtual classes for adults or students.

(And don’t worry, should you wish to visit New York in the future, you’ll still be able to take one of our tours in-person.)



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