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Wall Street 101: Foundation of Investing



How Wall Street & the Stock Market Works & How it Affects YOU!


Plough money into your child’s future → Give the gift of knowledge

For students in Grades 9 - 12 
Virtual LIVE Program December 18 - 21

Is your child interested in the stock market?

  • Does he/she enjoy watching Shark Tank or other money related shows?
  • Does he/she have a custodial account?
  • Can your child benefit from learning valuable life and money skills?
  • Is your teen interested in exploring career options in finance / Wall Street or other areas?
  • Has your teen expressed an interest in having an investment app?

If the is yes to any of the above, Wall Street 101 is the right extracurricular activity for your teen! 

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In our Wall Street 101 - Foundation of Investing we we cover:

  • How the Stock Market Works
  • The language of Wall Street
  • Stocks, bonds and various products you can invest in
  • Investment opportunities that can increase or decrease your wealth
  • What it’s Like to work on Wall Street
  • What the players such as investment banks and the Fed do
  • How to read stock charts
  • Tracking stock activity
  • Identifying companies that may be good to invest in
  • the process of going public (IPO)
  • And more!

By the end of our program, your student will:

  Be empowered to make wise financial decisions for themselves

 Understand how to grow their wealth smartly and safely

 Feel confident talking to you and others about money

 Spark an interest in high-paying financial careers and Wall Street

Program Details

  • 5 daily (Mon - Fri) live classes via Zoom
  • Sessions @ 10am - 12pm EST and 1 - 3pm EST / 10am - 12 PST
  • Attend ONLY one of the daily sessions
  • Flexibility to switch to the earlier / later class if your schedule changes
  • Expert led very hands-on and interactive class (NOT a boring lecture)
  • Final day - ASK ME ANYTHING class - very helpful to young minds
  • Earn Certificate of Achievement
  • The classes and the skills gained in the classes can be used on their College applications and essays
  • MOST IMPORTANT - A life skill that will serve your teen their whole life  
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