Online Learning Adventure

Wall Street 101

Middle School Level

Perfect for students interested in Wall Street, the Stock Market and Investing

Grades 6 - 8 

We Teach Students REAL-WORLD Skills

so that they can Invest Wisely and Grow Up Money Savvy!


Do you want to teach your child about: 

  • The Stock Market?
  • money & business?
  • investing and growing their money?
  • how to be more financially savvy? 

4 Day Wall Street 101 Virtual Boot-Camp

After four successful summers of running Teach Me Wall Street virtual finance programs for high school students, several parents have requested similar offerings for their middle school aged children.

Therefore, we are working on creating a pilot program geared toward this age group. 

Unlike other Spring and Summer programs for middle school aged kids, this program will not take up a full day.  Therefore, it will be ideal for parents looking to supplement their child’s school break / summer schedule with an engaging learning experience that will benefit them in the future. 

What is inside the Boot Camp?


  • WHO AND WHAT IS WALL STREET -  Learn who the Wall Street players are, and what they do.
  • STOCKS & BONDS - Understand how the stock market works and learn about things that can be traded such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and commodities.
  • INVESTING – Explore aged based options for growing money through savings, the stock market, crypto currencies, and other methods - and the related risks / rewards.
  • MONEY INTEGRITY – Discover secret methods used to counterfeit or launder money, and find out what safeguards are in place to prevent these illegal activities.

The New York

Spring Break Program

has been cancelled

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