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Budgeting & Beyond Program


Give your child Real World Financial Knowledge for life

Many parents are looking for ways to expand their children’s education with practical, real-world lessons that go beyond the typical school curriculum.

Most high school and middle school programs fall short of teaching students about Wall Street in a direct applicable way (if they teach about it at all).

The basics of personal finance are often overlooked, especially when it comes to topics like investing, the functions of financial institutions, the stock market, and how all these complex pieces fit together.

The earlier young people get a grasp of financial literacy, the more it stands to benefit them in the long run....

Our programs are engaging and interactive.  Practical information is delivered in a fun, modern way and never seems like its coming our of a text book!

We cover a wide range of topics - financial technology, careers, investing basics and everyday money matters.

Teach Me Wall street tackles the topics your kids need to understand so they can make wise decisions with their money.

The lessons that aren't taught in school ...


Compound interest for long term growth, establishing credit,¬†budgeting for independent living ‚Äď Teens who are taught these and¬†other important money matters, while still in school, will reap¬†countless benefits as they travel through life.

Financial literacy is not only essential for young people interested in careers in business and finance, but is necessary for all students who want to achieve  independence and financial success. Teach Me Wall Street fills the gap that schools leave behind when it comes to a financial education.

Budgeting & Beyond for Teens (grades 9 - 12)

Engaging classes designed to provide young people with the tools and skills necessary to achieve financial independence and success.

7 week asynchronous program

Starts Tuesday September 26

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