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What I do

Hi, I’m Annaline Dinkelmann.

Twelve years ago I left my Wall Street job and became a day trader. In January 2008, I turned my passion for the stock market and business into a successful walking tour business of Wall Street.

People love getting a tour guide who has a background in the finance industry. Why? Because I can successfully translate and navigate the world of finance for the layman.... breaking it down for students, their parents and teachers.

Due to Covid-19 people may not / cannot travel to New York. Other people do not want the hassle of organizing a trip to New York.

I have turned all my in-person classes, workshops and tours into virtual products.

I invite you to join me live for my virtual Camps and Classes.

(Don’t worry, should you wish in the future, you can still visit New York and take my tour in-person.)

How I got here

My Wall Street Walks in-person tours take people through the heart of the New York financial district.  People learn about the stock market works, what the role is of all the related financial institutions and how they all come together.

Many school groups have taken my tour.  Teachers return yearly to bring their newest class.  The kids see the stock market is real.  It’s not just a building in a game.

I have spoken at many New Jersey Educational Association (NJEA), Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) conferences, as well as hosted many educational workshops.  I was also featured by CNN International in 2015.

Why I do it

Many people cannot afford to travel to New York. Other people do not want the hassle of organizing a trip to New York.

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Team Teach Me Wall Street

Alexander DelaVega

Alexander de la Vega (Baruch College) is a former educator and docent at the Museum of American Finance, where he created and taught classes on financial literacy and history.  Alexander has held intern positions in marketing and advertising firms, as well as operating as a freelancer for companies across numerous industries.

He is currently finishing a degree in marketing management and works as an Educational Course Leader with Wall Street Walks and Teach Me Wall Street. In his spare time he experiments with new recipes in the kitchen and spoils his 7 year old dog, Buddy.

Julia Ryan

(Stuyvesant High School/Northwestern University/HEC Montréal) has held managerial positions in photography, fashion and advertising firms. 

She taught as an adjunct at Kaplan University and City University of New York (CUNY), and works as an Educational Course Leader with Worldstrides Educational Travel and Adventures by Disney ( as well as with Teach Me Wall Street).

She loves sharing her passion for finance with others. It's great to meet people from all around the world, and helping to empower people around the subject of money and investing.

In her spare time she writes plays, is active in historic preservation, and is mom to a 14 year old boy.

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