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Many parents of high school and middle school students are concerned about the uncertainty of virtual learning and that their kids may fall behind.

In addition to such concerns, plenty of parents are also looking for ways to expand their children’s education into more practical, real-world lessons that go beyond the typical school curriculum.

Even under normal circumstances, many high school and middle school programs fall short of teaching students about Wall Street in a directly applicable way (if they teach about it at all).

The basics of personal finance are often overlooked, especially when it comes to topics like investing, the functions of financial institutions, the stock market, and how all of the complex pieces fit together. 


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This is precisely where Teach Me Wall Street fits in. We’ve been providing tours of Wall Street, as well as education about its inner workings for the past twelve years, but like so many other organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way we operate.

We’ve taken our years of knowledge and experience online to provide classes for young people, with the aim of supplying the next generation with the tools they need for financial success (that they aren’t likely to learn in traditional schools - online or otherwise). 

Our programs are engaging and interactive, rooted in modern, practical information that doesn’t just come out of a textbook.

From financial technology to jobs in the industry, trading basics to the principles of currency exchange.

Teach Me Wall street is fun and informative, and tackles the topics your kids need to understand for making informed decisions with their money.

In fact, the earlier young people get a grasp of financial literacy, the more it stands to benefit them in the long run.

Through the power of compounding interest and long-term growth, getting your high school and middle school students started down the path of Wall Street expertise while they’re still in school can have serious benefits for their adult lives. 

Our programs are all online, so if you have any concerns about in-person learning, gathering in classrooms, and so on, these classes are a fantastic way to provide students with supplemental education in a time when we shouldn’t be gathering together. 

These lessons aren’t taught in schools, but are critical for young people interested in finance - and probably for kids who have yet to understand the long-term importance of financial literacy!

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