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If you don’t know your NASDAQ from your TikTok, don’t blame yourself. Financial literacy has been sorely lacking in our schools for decades, and this has created a population of adults who don’t know what actually lies behind their 401ks or other investment accounts.

They place trust in their financial advisors or brokers and hope for the best, but don’t really understand the markets.

For years, I have been doing educational walking tours on Wall Street for middle school and high school students. This year, due to Covid-19, I moved to online teaching, and the response has been phenomenal from the kids. However, many parents have said, "We're adults. We didn't learn this at school. We would like to learn this ourselves."

And as I was talking to mothers, they would say to me, "If my husband dies, I have no idea what's going on in our account. How would I even make decisions? I don't even know where our accounts are."

I realized that was my own mother when my father passed away -- she had no idea of the accounts that they had nor how to manage the money.

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So I decided to launch adult classes, debuting now to empower adults with the knowledge they need to better control their financial futures.

Especially women, many of whom rely on their husbands to control the finances but then are left holding the bag in the event of death or separation.

It expands upon the teen class so you learn the impact Wall Street has on your entire life.

I think it’s an eye-opener for many adults that what happens on Wall Street affects everything from how long it takes you to pay off credit cards to whether you can afford a certain home because of mortgage rates, to how much your car payments are every month.

It’s all closely related and you can tell where things are going if you know the markets.

Some of the things we teach in this course include:

  • The history of the NYSE and other exchanges
  • What stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments are
  • Basic stock analysis
  • How to trade, including easy-to-understand strategies
  • Understand risk (know how much you may lose)
  • The different types of players on Wall Street and their functions (analysts, fund managers, etc.)

We also cover ethics and regulation. Wall Street is completely driven by regulation, and these rules greatly affect how and what you can invest in.

I demystify that for everyone on the course.

We’ll talk about both the good and the bad, including the dot-com and housing market bubbles, the Enron fiasco, Bernie Madoff and other Ponzi schemers, and even the recent close-to-$100 million fine levied against Elon Musk for overstepping his boundaries on Twitter and causing Tesla price to tank temporarily.

I'm planning to launch the classes in early 2021. It will a 6-week class and also a boot camp depending on what will be the best solution for everyone.

I promise it’s going to be very worthwhile, so please reach out if you would like to enroll. 

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