Online Summer Adventure in Finance!

Teach Me Wall Street makes learning fun with Summer Finance Boot-Camps that focus on money, trading and investing! All of our programs can be accessed from home or any place where there’s a quiet space and a reliable internet connection.

We cover the basics and advanced topics from a REAL WORLD perspective. Students learn how to:

  • Trade and invest
  • Create budgets
  • Use credit cards wisely
  • Manage a 401K
  • Understand interest rates
  • Grow their money!

Our 1 - 4 week boot-camps are offered LIVE at various times throughout the day to accommodate busy schedules and students in different time zones.

Motivated participants from around the globe learn together and participate in spirited discussions and engaging hands-on activities.

 It’s the perfect extracurricular activity for high school students to list on college applications!

What to Expect in our Virtual Classroom

What You Will Need:

  • A PC or Mac with a webcam and a microphone
  • A headset
  • A Notebook and pen
  • A comfortable, quiet learning environment
  • All boot-camp sessions are taught using Zoom,


What is Expected of Students:

The Teach Me Wall Street virtual classroom is a place for learning, creative thought, active participation, collaboration and discussion.

Group assignments are completed in class.  There is NO home-work.

While participating in the the Teach Me Wall Street Summer Finance Boot-camp, it will be necessary to:

  • Have your webcam on during lessons.
  • Do your best to find a quiet, comfortable location that is not likely to have people or pets passing through. 
  • Make sure that all wall decorations and objects that appear on camera are appropriate for a student learning environment.
  • Be respectful of instructors and peers.

Have fun!