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Do you have the knowledge you need to reach your financial goals?

Finally know how to confidently invest and grow your money 

without confusion or needing a stock broker!

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September 17 & 18 from 11am - 5pm EST

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Do you lie awake at night thinking and worrying...

  • The stock market is down and your retirement is slipping away?
  • Does "your guy " (advisor, broker or friend) know what they are doing?
  • I never look at my 401K and/or retirement savings because it scares me
  • Do you want to grow your money by making smart investments but aren't sure where to start?
  • Do you have financial goals but don't know how to reach them?
  • Are you interested in learning more about Wall Street and the financial world so you can confidently trade stocks and grow your money?

Many people are making money in the stock market today... 

You just have to know what to do!

Introducing the

Wall Street 101 Bootcamp 

This 2 day workshop will teach you all about Wall Street and show you how to confidently trade stocks to grow your money.

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This workshop will help you... 

  • Have a clear understanding of how to reach your financial goals
  • Figure out where the money is flowing and catch the rising tide
  • Confidently trade stocks and grow your money
  • Understand Wall Street and how it impacts your life 
  • Know when you watch the news who you should listen to and why
  • Know how to manage your 401K or retirement fund
  • Knowledgeably talk to your broker and ask the better questions
  • Learn the art of patience and how to play to long game in the stock market
  • Avoid common pitfalls and unnecessary risk when trading

What's inside the Wall Street 101 Bootcamp?


The Wall Street 101 Bootcamp takes place on a Saturday and Sunday.  Each day is 6 hours long from 11am to 5pm EST with a one hour lunch break.


The bootcamp is a collection of six workshops, each designed to build on each other.


Plus you will get live coaching, video lessons, practical implementation and learning exercises as well as fillable, printable workbooks.

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Module 1. -  Get to Know Wall Street

Why you always hear about the Dow Jones on the news and why should you care? What’s the S&P and what does that tell you about the stock market? Who are the players on Wall Street? Why do they exist?  What do they do?  And how does it impact you?

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Module 2. -  Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and More

What is the difference and how can they increase or decrease your wealth? What’s the risk and returns on these investments?

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Module 3. -  Have a Method to Read the Market

Learn to read a stock chart and determine if a stock is a good or bad investment. Plus learn what you can do to protect your money in a volatile landscape!

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Module 4.  -  Managing and Deciding Where to Invest Your Money 

What should you invest in for your specific goals? How much risk is in your portfolios? What industries are the money flowing into and how to forecast changes that are coming? How to gain the advantage from paying attention to insider trading… what do they know that I don’t know?

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Module 5. -  Common Mistakes

...And how to avoid them like avoiding selling your stocks too soon or too late. Discover how to protect yourself from scammers like Bernie Maddoff and spot the red flags! 

Module 6. -   Putting It All Together: Managing Your Portfolio, Taxes and Fees

Understand how the people selling you financial products earn fees and how these fees take away from your returns. Understand the tax implications of various financial products.


to help you learn faster and become more confident in making investment decisions for yourself!

Bonus # 1


What questions you should ask before hiring someone to manage your money or plan your financial future.

Bonus # 2


This workbook walks you through all the questions to ask before buying stock / investing in a product.


Bonus # 3


My list of the top 10 trading mistakes and how you can avoid them!

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Here's What Our Students Say...


"Anna was a great teacher and was open to any questions. She shared a wealth of information that I plan to put into play to grow my money."

"This was really great. I liked the investing tools and the energy. Your expertise was clear. Thank you."

"Annaline is delightful! Her curriculum is engaging and the history lessons were interesting. The videos were interesting and informative. Great teaching tools."

"Easy to understand combination of lessons and videos to reinforce plus exercises to help with learning and doing."

You may be wondering...

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Meet the Teacher

Hi, I’m Annaline Dinkelmann!

I worked in IT and spent 10 years on Wall Street working with the Investment Banking and Compliance Departments.  I left Wall Street and spent 2 years as a full time day trader.   

I started teaching educational workshops and have spoken at many New Jersey Educational Association (NJEA) events, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) conferences, as well as hosted many educational workshops.  I was also featured by CNN International in 2015.

I can successfully translate the world of finance to the layman and break it down for students.

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Wall Street 101


Classes are six hours long from 11am - 5pm EST with a one-hour lunch break. 

Find out how to use the power of Wall Street to reach your financial goals!

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