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Adult Bootcamp
Sat Jan 22 & Sun Jan 23
11am - 5pm EST

The average person has no idea what Wall Street really is or how it works

Learn how to recognize stock market trends and identify which investments are safe, which are risky, and which to avoid at all costs. Come with us on a journey of learning how to invest intelligently, bravely, and consciously. 

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  • Are you unsure how to manage your 401K and/or retirement savings?
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Whats inside the Wall Street 101 for Adults Boot Camp?

The Wall Street 101 Boot Camp for Adults takes place on Saturday and Sunday.  We start at 11am and class will end at 5pm. There will be a one hour lunch break. It is a collection of six modules, each designed to build on each other. Inside each module you will get live coaching, video lessons, practical implementation and learning exercises, as well fillable, printable workbooks.

Adult Bootcamp
Sat Jan 22 & Sun Jan 23
11am - 5pm EST
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Module 1. -  Get to Know Wall Street

Who are the players, Why do they exist?  What do they do?  And how does it impact you?

Why you always hear about the Dow Jones on the news and why should you care.  

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Module  2. -  Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and More.

What is the difference and how can they increase or decrease your wealth?

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Module 3. -  Have a Method to Read the Market

Learn to read a stock chart and how to determine if a stock is a good or bad investment.  What  you  can do to protect your money in a volatile landscape.

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Module 4.  -  Managing and Deciding Where to Invest Your Money 

Clarify your objectives. Are you looking for growth or income? What is your timeline for investing? How much risk is in your portfolios?

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Module 5. -  Common Mistakes

...And how to avoid them.

Module 6. -   Putting It All Together

Managing Your Portfolio, Taxes and Fees

Understand how the people selling you financial products earn fees and how these fees take  away from your returns.  Understand the tax implications of various financial products.


Also included are three  Bonuses to help you learn faster and become more confident in making investing decisions for yourself!

Adult Bootcamp
Sat Jan 22 & Sun Jan 23
11am - 5pm EST

Bonus # 1


What questions you should ask before hiring someone to manage your money or plan your financial future.

Bonus # 2


Workbook containing questions to ask before buying stock / investing in a product.


Bonus # 3

Top 10 Mistakes

Top 10 trading mistakes and how to avoid them

Adult Bootcamp
Sat Jan 22 & Sun Jan 23
11am - 5pm EST

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Meet the Teacher

Hi, I’m Annaline Dinkelmann!

I worked in IT and spent 10 years on Wall Street working with the Investment Banking and Compliance Departments.  I left Wall Street and spent 2 years as a full time day trader.   

I started teaching educational workshops and have spoken at many New Jersey Educational Association (NJEA) events, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) conferences, as well as hosted many educational workshops.  I was also featured by CNN International in 2015.

I can successfully translate the world of finance to the layman and break it down for students.

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Adult Bootcamp
Sat Jan 22 & Sun Jan 23
11am - 5pm EST