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Not happy with the school solutions?  Get us to help teach your children

Is this you?

Do you have a few students studying together?

Looking for great elective programs to round out the curriculum?

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How it works:

  • Any of our financial programs can be done by a pod or private group.
  • Contact us to discuss your situation.
  • We agree upon a regular time slot.
  • And you are set for the Fall semester with classes.
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Is your group international? 

We would love to work with you! Learn about Wall Street with our experienced professionals at a time that is convenient for your group.

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Meet the Teacher

Hi, I’m Annaline Dinkelmann

I worked in IT and spent 10 years on Wall Street working with the Investment Banking and Compliance Departments.  I left Wall Street and spent 2 years as a full time day trader.   

I started teaching educational workshops and have spoken at many New Jersey Educational Association (NJEA), Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) conferences, as well as hosted many educational workshops.  I was also featured by CNN International in 2015.

I can successfully translate the world of finance to the layman and break it down for students.

You may be wondering...

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