2 hour workshop @ $97

I understand that these lessons are taught live and it’s imperative that my student is on time for class and behaves as if he/she is in a classroom.

There will be periods of on camera time as well as break out groups to better facilitate learning.

Sun February 18 & Sat March 9


We’ve designed 3 money themed activity books based on our popular Teach Me Wall Street programs and are now happy to introduce their content in the form of these fun, two-hour Game Days! 

Engage in puzzles and games designed to enhance your problem-solving and critical thinking skills, all while being thoroughly entertained.

Who is this for?

Our Game Days are the perfect extracurricular program for students interested in careers in finance, and for those who love money, math, investing and having fun!

 The are 3 types of Game Days:

  • Wall Street 101 games - Sunday February 4 & Saturday February 24
  • Investing games - Sunday February 11 & Saturday March 2
  • Budgeting games - Sunday February 18 & Saturday March 9

Choose your dates at checkout

 Virtual Game Day Program - What you'll get:

  • 2 hours of live classes via Zoom

  • Flexibility - Class @ 10am - 12pm EST and 1 - 3pm EST / 10am - 12 PST - Attend ONLY one of the daily sessions.  

  • Expert led and interactive class (NOT a boring lecture)

  • Participants will receive their own copy of the soon to be published, Teach Me Wall Street activity books so they can continue to learn and have fun beyond Game Day.

  • Participants will gain life-long skills and knowledge

[Notify us up to 24 hours before class and receive a full refund if you are unable to attend.]

The Wall Street Game Books will be published and sent to the students in March 2024.