I understand that these lessons are taught live and it’s imperative that my student is on time for class and behaves as if he/she is in a classroom.

There will be periods of on camera time as well as break out groups to better facilitate learning.

Wall Street Careers - Saturday October 14 @ 10am EST & 1pm EST/ 10am PST

Technology has innovated the way the financial industry operates, and as a result there are many new career options on Wall Street.

While many jobs continue to be filled by those with degrees in Finance and Economics, there is a now a need for others with interests in STEM, Law and Computer Science. 

Get an overview of all the new and emerging career options on Wall Street and learn the best ways to position yourself for college acceptance and a future in finance. 

Select the 2-hour workshop session that works best for you: Saturday October 14 at 10AM or 1PM