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I understand that these lessons are taught live and it’s imperative that my student is on time for class and behaves as if he/she is in a classroom.

There will be periods of on camera time as well as break out groups to better facilitate learning.

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Budgeting & Beyond for College Students

  • Budgeting: Financial literacy starts with creating and maintaining a budget. A budget helps individuals track their income, expenses, and savings goals. It allows people to allocate their money wisely, prioritize spending, and avoid unnecessary debt.
  • Debt Management: College graduates often face student loans and credit card debts. Understanding how debt works, the impact of interest rates, and developing strategies to pay off debts efficiently are critical aspects of financial literacy.
  • Saving and Investing: Knowing how to save money regularly and invest it wisely is essential for building wealth and achieving financial goals. Financial literacy helps individuals understand different investment options, risk management, and the power of compound interest.
  • Retirement Planning: Planning for retirement early in one's career can significantly impact the quality of life during retirement. Financial literacy provides the knowledge to choose the right retirement accounts, understand employer-sponsored plans, and contribute to them strategically.
  • Credit Scores and Reports: Understanding credit scores and credit reports is crucial for accessing credit, such as loans and mortgages, at favorable terms. Financial literacy includes knowing how credit scores are calculated and how to maintain a good credit history.

Fall Dates

What you'll get:

  • 6 live 90 min classes via Zoom
  • Recordings of the class in case you miss
  • Weekly notes and worksheets
  • Final day - ASK ME ANYTHING class


Tuesday October 3 - Tuesday November 7

6 weekly 90min sessions @ 2pm - 3.30pm EST

[Full refund if cancelled up to 1 week before the start date.]