2 hour workshop @ $97

I understand that these lessons are taught live and it’s imperative that my student is on time for class and behaves as if he/she is in a classroom.

There will be periods of on camera time as well as break out groups to better facilitate learning.

December 28 - 10am EST & 1pm PST / 10am PST

is your teen ready and/or interested to unravel the mystery of stocks? Enroll him / her in our Teen Stock Basics Workshop β€“ where learning meets excitement!

Stocks Unveiled: Ever wondered what stocks are and how they work? 

Explore different kinds of stocks and decipher type suites your investment goals

  • Value Stocks: The hidden gems of the market.
  • Blue Chip Stocks: The rock stars of stability.
  • Growth Stocks: The thrill of potential riches.
  • Penny Stocks: The underdogs with a twist – high risk, high reward!
  • Meme Stocks: Unleash the power of internet culture! 

This workshop ensures practical application of knowledge. Equip your teen with the fundamentals, make informed decisions, and pave the way for financial success. 

πŸ“ˆπŸ’‘ Enroll your teen today to start their investing journey and set the stage for a prosperous financial future! πŸ’°πŸ“š"


Virtual Winter Program - What you'll get:

  • 2 hours of live classes via Zoom
  • Class @ 10am - 12pm EST and 1 - 3pm EST / 10am - 12 PST - Attend ONLY one of the daily sessions
  • Flexibility to switch to the earlier / later class if your schedule changes
  • Expert led very hands-on and interactive class (NOT a boring lecture)
  • Recording for the students that miss the class
  • Earn Certificate of Achievement
  • The classes and the skills gained in the classes can be used on their College applications and essays
  • MOST IMPORTANT - A life skill that will serve your teen their whole life  

  [Full refund if cancelled up to 1 week before the start date.]


Other dates this program is running:

Monday January 15

Monday February 19