On-Line, Learning Adventure

Personal Finance

Learn finance basics and money skills for everyday living

Middle School Level

Grades 6 - 8 

We Teach Students REAL-WORLD Skills so They Can Invest Wisely and Grow Up Money Savvy!

Do you want to teach your child about 

    • money & business?
    • to be more financially savvy?
    •  to better equip themselves for life?

 Give your kids a fun summer camp experience that teaches valuable skills to achieve financial independence and success!

What's inside the Boot Camp?


CONSUMER SKILLS – Learn the basics of banking, payment methods and comparison shopping.

BUDGETS AND SPENDING HABITS - Identify your needs and wants, explore related costs, and learn how to budget for both.

CREDIT CARDS AND LOANS –  Learn the difference between credit and debit cards, the truth about loans, what credit scores measure, and how you can borrow responsibly.

SAVING – Explore compound interest, 401Ks, and other ways to grow your money for short and long term purposes.

SAFE KEEPING – Learn how to spot money scams, and protect yourself and your money by being a good “digital citizen”.

1 Week Virtual Boot-Camp

Classes are Monday - Friday, 2 hours a day

There are TWO  10 min breaks per session

Classes at 10am and 1pm.   Perfect for our East and West Coast students

Students can alternate their morning or afternoon sessions

The cost is $350 for the week

July 25-29
10am - 12pm EST
July 25-29
1pm - 3pm EST
Aug 8-12
1pm - 3pm EST
Aug 8-12
10am - 12pm EST