4 Week Virtual

Summer Boot Camp

for Grades 9 - 12

Combine programs for a fuller learning experience.

Wall Street 101 + Investing & Trading + Cryptocurrencies + Budgeting & Beyond

Classes at 10am and 1pm.   Students can alternate their morning or afternoon sessions

  Perfect for students interested in Wall Street, finance and business
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What's will you learn in the 4-Week Boot Camp?

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Week 1

Wall Street 101

What is Wall Street?

How Does It Work?

Who are the Players?

Explore stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and investment tools.

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Week 2

Investing & Trading

Learn to read and understand stock charts.  Fundamental Analysis.

Place trades, learn about risk and portfolio management

Builds on lessons taught in Wall Street 101.

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Week 3


Focus on evolving technologies, jobs and digital currencies as they relate to Wall Street and investing. 

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Week 4

Budgeting & Beyond

Learn the relevant skills on how to manage money and move into the workforce debt free

Empower your child with knowledge to make the wise money decisions.

4-Week Virtual Summer Boot Camp start Dates 18th  July and 25th July 2022 









4 Week Summer Programs

Classes are Monday - Friday, 2 hours a day @ 10am EST and 1pm EST   

Flexible scheduling - Students can alternate their morning or afternoon sessions

The 4-week program cost is $1400. 

July 18 - Aug 12
10:00am EST
4 Week Boot Camp
July 25 - Aug 19
10:00am EST
4 Week Boot Camp
July 18 - Aug 12
1pm EST
4 Week Boot Camp
July 25 - Aug 19
1:00pm EST
4 Week Boot Camp

Have a Scheduling Conflict?

If you can't participate in the 4 week-long boot camps back to back, you can spread them throughout the summer.  Just email us with the weeks that will work best for you.


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